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Violet Love Bottles

Did you know that purple is the color most often associated with royalty, magic, mystery and piety? and when combined with pink, it is associated with eroticism, femininity and seduction?? (more…)


My Jute Bottles

DIY recycling projects are always cool, especially when you can turn your trash into nice home decorative objects. Save some of your glass bottles instead of throwing out them after a party. There are awesome ways to re-use them. Here some wonderful ideas to decorate your home! (more…)


Blossoms Love Bottles

GET INSPIRED! Once you have your bottles done, it is time to get some flowers!! In that case some whites roses match perfectly, but any mix is great! (more…)


Love bottlles DIY

Do you like them? Make your own love bottles, you only need to save some of your bottles, our e-shop will be open soon and you will be able to buy a kit with all you need and then, you just need to follow the step by step tutorial, easy peasy! Give them a personal […]